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Agrimm supply a range of registered Trichoderma products for effective, sustainable crop protection.

30 Years of Expertise. Locally researched New Zealand strains. Organically Certified, Science based Plant Protection.
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Trichoderma is a naturally occurring soil-borne beneficial fungus. It is a fast growing saprophyte that is widely used as a bio-fertiliser due to its ability to form close symbiotic root associations. Specific strains of trichoderma have also been registered as bio-fungicides and in some instances, they have been shown to control soil-borne pathogens more effectively than chemicals whilst also exhibiting plant growth promoting activity.

Harpin Protein

Harpin αβ activates a natural defence mechanism in plants and protects against certain bacterial,  viral, and fungal diseases; soil-borne pathogens; and harmful nematodes and insects. Harpin also enhances plant growth and vigour, and increases the yield for a variety of crops.

Harpin has been shown to benefit a broad spectrum of crops including Field Crops, Vegetables, Tree Fruit and Vines, Turf and Ornamental and Speciality Crops.


Myconate® HB is a dry powder seed treatment designed to stimulate the growth of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae (VAM) on plant roots. VAM form a network of filaments that increase the area of plant roots that can draw nutrients from the soil. VAM fungi form symbiotic associations with roots of approximately 80% of all plants on the earth, including most agriculturally important crops.