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Trichoderma is a naturally occurring fungus that helps control soil diseases and improve soil nutrient availability. Trichoderma takes over the root zone area and makes it difficult for diseases to compete. Trichoderma has many positive effects on plants including; improved germination and growth, increased yield, improved nutrient and fertiliser uptake and increased disease resistance.


Harpin αβ activates a natural defence mechanism in plants and protects against certain bacterial,  viral, and fungal diseases; soil-borne pathogens; and harmful nematodes and insects. Harpin also enhances plant growth and vigour, and increases the yield for a variety of crops.

Harpin has been shown to benefit a broad spectrum of crops including Field Crops, Vegetables, Tree Fruit and Vines, Turf and Ornamental and Speciality Crops.


Mycorrhizal fungi are beneficial micro-organisms that stimulates the colonization of plant roots. With more mycorrhizal fungi at work, each plant can draw more nutrients and moisture out of the soil, strengthening plant health.