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Trichoderma is a genus of soil-borne fungi  displaying a remarkable spectrum of bio-activity.

The ability of selected Trichoderma spp (strains) to directly antagonize plant pathogens AND to stimulate plant growth and defence responses has led to their widespread use in agriculture both for disease control and yield increases.

However, not all strains are created equal and it is only by using the best well-researched strains of Trichoderma in an effective product formulation that the huge potential of this multi-tasking subterranean work horse may be unlocked.

Agrimm grow selected endophytic strains of Trichoderma atroviride and formulate a range of granules and powders to support growing plants.

Agrimm also distribute Plant Healthcare technology into Australia and New Zealand.

ProAct uses the harpin protein to assist in calcium mobilisation in the plant. This improves cell structure and reduces fruit splitting.

Myconate works by stimulating the colonisation of plant roots by mycorrhizal fungi. 


Agrimm are the only New Zealand company to have registered bio-fungicides with Trichoderma as the active ingredient and we have proven activity against pathogens such as Rhizoctonia, Botrytis, Fusarium and Phytophthora.

Agrimm manufacture a range of granules and powders using multiple strains of Trichoderma atroviride to create a broad spectrum of activity. The proprietary formulations are designed to support successful colonisation of the active ingredient and to ensure easy crop application.

These products are built on decades of use in New Zealand and Australia, researched in-house and in partnership with the Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln University facilitating continual product innovation and improvement. 

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