Psa Registered Bactericide

Kiwivax is a WP Root Drench for the reduction of Psa symptoms in Kiwifruit vines. It has now been registered with ACVM with this limited label claim. Kiwivax is a direct result of the research carried out by Dr Robert Hill and his team, headed up by Dr Christine Stark, at the Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln University.

The active ingredient is a blend of 3 strains of Trichoderma that have been shown to form close associations with kiwifruit roots. Application of these strains to the soil of seedlings and potted plants results in lower disease score and greater plant survival when directly challenged with Psa-V. These root associated fungi have also been re-isolated from treated kiwifruit vine roots at least 3-4 months after application.

Kiwivax colonises fresh feeder roots and so the optimum application times are after root flushes. Kiwivax is on the Crop Protection Standard with application through Springtime and Post-harvest. Zespri can authorise a JA to apply outside these windows. We recommend Autumn application in April / May to take advantage of higher soil temperatures.

Application rate is 200g/ha in the open orchard with a water rate of at least 1000L.

New plantings can be drenched with 2L of water using 200g per 1500L.

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