Orchard and Vineyard

Setting up an orchard or vineyard is just the start

Orchard and Vineyard

Progressive growers today can pick and choose the best ideas to fit their management practice. 

Starting from new planting and running right through to commercial crop protection, biologicals can have a key role in the orchard or vineyard.


The cost of the plants might only be a fraction of the cost of the groundwork for setting up a new orchard, but the successful establishment of the new plants is critically important. 

Whether the planting is on a new site, or if it is to replant areas of previous disease pressure. 

Minimising plant losses and maximising first year establishment and growth is where Endophytic Trichoderma should be utilised.

Agrimm products Trichopel and Unite are designed for all new plantings to:

Stimulate root and foliar growth

  • Get the vines up to the wire and create a strong rootzone.
  • Ensure replanted vines and trees can thrive in areas of previous disease.

Maintain a healthy root system

  • Applications timed to periods of root flushes keep the plant in balance
  • Repair / refresh sick vines and trees with intensive co-ordinated applications.


Optimising crop through production stressors and environmental and seasonal variations can be hugely challenging. Managing root health and protecting both the tree or vine and their crop carried highlights the use of Agrimm specialist products 

Sentinel: Bio-fungicide for Botrytis

Vinevax PWD: wound dressing to protect against airborne pathogens.

Vinevax Bio-Dowel: trunk insert for woody pathogens such as Eutypa; Botryosphaeria; 

Kiwivax: drench to protect against psa and other soil pathogens.

Orchard and Vineyard Products

Recommended product application and use

New Plantings

Use Trichopel in the planting hole. Follow up with applications of Unite. 


Use Abzorber and Unite to create a root dip for bare-rooted vines or trees . Follow up with Unite

Mature Orchard and Vineyards

Suitable for Avocados, Grapevines, Citrus and all Tree and Vine Crops.

Application should be timed around periods of root flushes which may vary by location / crop.

Apply Unite to ground directly before applying compost. Use a water rate of at least 1000L/ha and apply around rain events to help wash the active ingredient into the root zone.


Apply Kiwivax 3-4 times per season to help stimulate a plant response to Psa.

Application should start at Spring root flush and continue through to post-harvest as recommended in the Zespri Crop Protection Diary.

Foliar Application

Use Sentinel for botrytis from flowering to reduce Incidence of Botrytis.

Spray Sentinel on ripening fruit and right up to harvest (no mrls) to reduce the severity of Botrytis.

Trunk Disease and Woody Pathogens

Use Vinevaxc PWD as either a paint or a spray to protect annual wounds from airborne spores that may cause diseases such as Eutypa Lata and Silverleaf.

Vinevax Bio-Dowel: Treat existing infection in Pip and Stonefruit or Viticulture. 

Trichopel: Insoluble bio-inoculant granule for use at the time of planting

Unite: Bio-fungicide WP with activity against Phytophthora, Cylindrocarpon, Rhizoctonia.