Abzorber Root Dip

Project Description


Abzorber Root Dip is a starch-based super absorbent granule which acts to provide increased moisture availability to plants. Mixed with water it creates a hydrogel root dip for all plantings of bare rooted vines and trees. This hydrogel allows you to coat whole root systems effectively and this will help to prevent desiccation and increases moisture delivery throughout the root structure.

Abzorber Root Dip helps with new plantings. It keeps water in the root zone, eliminating moisture stress and improving plant survival rate during transplanting and early development.

Incorporating bio-inoculants into your root dip can help to create even more vigorous root development and can accelerate the growing cycle.

Agrimm recommend Unite WP into all new vines and trees. You can download or view their protocol here.

Kiwifruit plantings should use Kiwivax as per the protocol here.

Click here for technical downloads:

Abzorber 1kg label

Abzorber Root Dip for Vines and Trees

Abzorber Root Dip for Kiwifruit