Project Description

ROOTZONE STARTER GRANULE – for precision application to rootzones

Trichopel is a Bio-Inoculant starter granule applied during planting of field crops and in the nursery. Trichopel is formulated with specific strains of Trichoderma designed to condition and boost the roots of many plants and these strains are long lived and grow with the roots of the plants. A strong and vigorous root system will increase the plant’s energy reserves through better water and nutrient uptake. Trichopel has many benefits including improved establishment, increased growth and high quality harvests. The enhanced bio-activity also helps to produce a plant that can thrive in tough field conditions. The starter granule has been field tested and proven for diverse crops such as Apples; Grapes; Avocados; Kiwifruit; Flowers (bulbs and tubers); Beetroot; Strawberry and many Field Crops.

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Trichopel SDS

Trichopel Label 2 Kg

Trichopel Label 25 Kg

Trichopel Brochure