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Unite is a natural Bio-fungicide that protects against root rots and damping off diseases in the soil and is a key part of an integrated root disease management program. Unite is BioGro certified but ideal for use on both organic and conventional crops – suitable for orchards and vineyards but also flowers and both indoor and outdoor vegetables.

Unite protects roots against damping off in seedlings caused by Pythium and Rhizoctonia and root rots caused by Phytophthora species as well as Cylindrocarpon in grapevines.

The Trichoderma in Unite create a fast acting protective living barrier around the roots. This barrier effectively excludes pathogens, but also increases the resilience of the plant’s own immune system and boosts plant health.

Use Unite for all new vineyard and orchard plantings to ensure healthy roots, plant resilience and boost vigour.

Field Crops / Orchards / Vineyards – Use 750g/hectare. Apply every 4-6 weeks starting at bud burst.

Seedling Trays / Seed Planting – Use 500g per 100 litres of water

Root Dip for New Vineyard Plantings –  Use 1kg Abzorber and 1.5kg Unite to 200L water. For full protocol click here

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Label 1.5kg

Label 15kg

Unite Brochure

Unite Root Dip for bare rooted vines and trees

Unite Avocado Programme

Ciba-Geigy Scale of Root Rot Decline

Unite SDS