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SEED TREATMENT TrichoStart is a bio-inoculant seed dressing for use in all rain-fed and irrigated broadacre crops. Our strains of trichoderma help to produce nutrient rich crops with higher foliar and root dry weights. These strains are endophytes, helping to improve a plant's photosynthetic capabilities through the life of the crop. Seeds dusted

Abzorber Root Dip

DIP FOR ALL BARE ROOTED PLANTINGS Abzorber Root Dip is a starch-based super absorbent granule which acts to provide increased moisture availability to plants. Mixed with water it creates a hydrogel root dip for all plantings of bare rooted vines and trees. This hydrogel allows you to coat whole root systems effectively


ROOTZONE STARTER GRANULE - for precision application to rootzones Trichopel is a Bio-Inoculant starter granule applied during planting of field crops and in the nursery. Trichopel is formulated with specific strains of Trichoderma designed to condition and boost the roots of many plants and these strains are long lived and grow with the roots


Psa (Pseudomonas syringae p.v. actinidiae) Registered Bactericide Kiwivax is a WP Root Drench for the reduction of Psa symptoms in Kiwifruit vines. It has now been registered with ACVM with this limited label claim. Kiwivax is a direct result of the research carried out by Dr Robert Hill and his team, headed up


PRODUCT INFORMATION The active ingredient of ProAct is Harpin Protein which is a protein secreted by plant pathogens when they attack plants. The plant reacts as if it is under attack and the response leads to: Increased Photosynthesis Increased Nutrient Uptake and Improved Calcium Mobilisation. ProAct has benefits in a range of crops -

Lettucemate – Drench WP

LETTUCE SEEDLING DRENCH Lettucemate Drench WP is formulated to condition and boost the roots of the lettuce seedling. The lettucemate inoculated rootzone produces seedlings which establish and thrive when transported into tough field conditions allowing your crop to grow and produce to its optimum potential. Drench seedlings with Lettucemate WP at a rate of 200g


NURSERY - Trichodry, Trichoflow, Trichospray - NURSERY AND FIELD - Trichopel Formulated specifically for NZ conditions the Tricho range of bio fertilizers provide improved performance throughout the nursery and field plant lifecycle. Mix Trichodry into your growing media at a rate of 1kg to 1 cubic metre to establish a strong beneficial bio-inoculant population. This enhanced


GRANULE - Registered for Control of onion white rot and reduction of Fusarium basal rot Tenet is a biofungicide granule applied during field planting of onions and garlic. The formulation contains bio-control fungus Trichoderma atroviride which aggressively colonises the root zone of the plants giving protection from pathogens while significantly improving plant emergence and

Vinevax – Bio Dowel Implant

BIO-INOCULANT DOWEL IMPLANT Vinevax BioDowel is a Trichoderma loaded wooden dowel that has both ACVM and APVMA registration. Vinevax BioDowel improves productivity and the health of the plant, offering protection against a range of grapevine trunk diseases such as Eutypa lata and Botryosphaeria. The direct method of application ensures a long lasting response as the Trichoderma is transmitted through

Unite – WP

ROOTZONE DRENCH Unite is a natural Bio-fungicide that protects against root rots and damping off diseases in the soil and is a key part of an integrated root disease management program. Unite is BioGro certified but ideal for use on both organic and conventional crops - suitable for orchards and vineyards but also flowers and both indoor