GRANULE - Registered for Control of onion white rot and reduction of Fusarium basal rot Tenet is a biofungicide granule applied during field planting of onions and garlic. The formulation contains bio-control fungus Trichoderma atroviride which aggressively colonises the root zone of the plants giving protection from pathogens while significantly improving plant emergence and

Vinevax – Bio Dowel Implant

BIO-INOCULANT DOWEL IMPLANT Vinevax BioDowel is a Trichoderma loaded wooden dowel that has both ACVM and APVMA registration. Vinevax BioDowel improves productivity and the health of the plant, offering protection against a range of grapevine trunk diseases such as Eutypa lata and Botryosphaeria. The direct method of application ensures a long lasting response as the Trichoderma is transmitted through

Unite – WP

ROOTZONE DRENCH Unite is a natural Bio-fungicide that protects against root rots and damping off diseases in the soil and is a key part of an integrated root disease management program. Unite is BioGro certified but ideal for use on both organic and conventional crops - suitable for orchards and vineyards but also flowers and both indoor

Vinevax – Pruning Wound Dressing

REGISTERED BIOLOGICAL WOUND DRESSING Vinevax Pruning Wound Dressing is the only BioGro certified wound dressing with ACVM and APVMA registration - effective against a range of vascular trunk diseases such as silverleaf, eutypa dieback, black dead arm and petri disease.  Vinevax PWD creates a protective living barrier in the wound. The highly active blend of

Sentinel – WP

FOLIAR SPRAY - ACVM Registered for Control of Botrytis cinerea in Grapevines and Tomatoes. Sentinel - is a safe, naturally occurring bio-fungicide that contains the proprietary strain Trichoderma Atroviride LU132.  It is formulated as a wettable powder for spray application to protect grapes and tomatoes against grey mould - Botrytis Cinerea. This Trichoderma acts as