Bio-stimulant for yield and quality enhancement

What is it and how does it work?

ProAct is a wettable granule containing harpin protein.

Developed by Plant Healthcare and exclusively distributed by Agrimm in NZ, Proact is a powerful bio stimulant that promotes the yield and quality of crops.

Harpin protein is a protein that is secreted by plant pathogens when they attack plants. The Harpin Protein in ProAct binds to receptors present in all agronomically important crops including Field Crops, Vegetables, Tree Fruit and Vines, Turf and Ornamental and Specialty Crops.

These receptors react by sending signals to the rest of the plant, with these signals initially being a fast release of cellular calcium and an increase in plant metabolic activity, photosynthesis and nutrient uptake stimulating a vigorous growth response.

ProAct is used in the cherry industry top combat splitting. ProAct can also improve the colouring of apples. There are reports that ProAct can reduce the incidence of bacterial canker in greenhouse tomatoes. ProAct is widely used in the avocado industry to combat root rots and improve photosynthetic performance.

Key Benefits

Trial Results

Reduced fruit splitting

Fruit splitting and cracking occurs due to imbalanced water realtions exerting pressure on the cuticle.

In independent trials the Skeena variety were submerged in deionized water to simulate rain-induced soaking.

25 fruits from each treatment were sampled at each timepoint. From 80 minutes onwards, % cracked fruit was significantly (P<0.01) reduced in the group treated with ProAct.

In total, ProAct® reduced cracking by 68%.

Increased yield

In independent replicated, randomized trials,  ProAct significantly increased cherry  yield by 31%.

ProAct was applied three times; at petal fall, 30 days after petal fall and 15 days before harvest. Each treatment was replicated 4 times on plots of 4 trees.

In the same trials, Brix (B) and fruit size (mm) were also increased by 25.8% and 11.5% respectively.

Increased fruit calcium content

Calcium is a critical structural component of cell walls. In fruit samples taken from commercial grower trials, total fruit calcium content as measured at an independent laboratory was 32% higher in the ProAct treated cherries than the grower’s standard.

Elevated calcium helps to strengthen fruit cell walls and reduce the risk of cell collapsing disorders.

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