Botrytis Bio-fungicide

Endophytic Trichoderma that stops grey mold in its tracks

Sentinel contains the proprietary strain Trichoderma atroviride LU132, selected for its effectiveness against grey mold (Botrytis cinerea) in tomatoes and grapevines.

Sentinel aggressively colonises the foliage, flowers and fruit to protect against the development of botrytis bunch rot on grapes and protects against botrytis stem rot on tomato vines occurring from wounds made after leaf and truss removal.

Sentinel is a must-use weapon for growers battling Botrytis.

Tested and proven under New Zealand conditions, Sentinel leaves no residue on the crops and can therefore provide long lasting protection against Botrytis right up until harvest.

An Agressive Botryticide
Sentinel was developed utlising a unqiue New Zealand strain of Trichoderma which aggressively grows on the leaves, flowers and fruit bunches where it actively competes with and repels invasion by botrytis and other diseases.

Nil Withholding Period
Sentinel is a bio-grow certified organic product and as such can be applied right up until harvest. Sentinel is a Bio-Gro certified organic product, it has no residue, no withholding period and no negative effects on vinification.

Compatible & Sustainable
Sentinel is a powerful tool in any growers’ intergrated pest management arsenal and can be use din conjunction with chemical fungicides.

Plus, unlike conventional fungicides which Botrytis is known to develop resistance to, Sentinel’s biological activity makes this unlikely.

Active Ingredient
Contains a minimum 2.5 Billion (2.5 x 109) colony forming units per gram Trichoderma atroviride (Strain LU132) in the form of a wettable powder.

Sentinel is a wettable powder that may be applied as a preventative spray through all conventional spray equipment.

Target Crops
Grapes and Tomatoes

Application Rates

Start application at 5% cap fall, then repeat at 80% cap fall, pre-bunch closure and verasion. Alternatively, apply at start of flowering and re-apply every 21-28 days thereafter depending on weather conditions

Grey mold Botrytis in Grapes: 200g in 300 – 500 litres water (66g/100L) to cover 1 Ha.

Botrytis Stem Rot in Tomatoes: 200g in 500 litres of water

Tips for Use
Sentinel is best applied with a wetter/sticker and a UV protectant for the biological active ingredient.

In situations of high crop stress it is recommended to increase the dose of application.

Trial Results - Grapes

A planting of Chardonnay UCD Clone 15 was chosen at Twilight Vineyards, Clevedon, East Auckland.

Chardonnay is susceptible to Bunch Rots in most seasons in the district. Large plots of 8 meters were chosen and the trial replicated four times at
random over two rows. Treatments were as follows:-

  • Sentinel at 66g/100L plus Biosea Oil 2%
  • Sentinel at 40g/100L plus Biosea Oil 2%
  • Untreated Control
  • Industry Standard Programme
    Euparen Multi (2) 200g/100l Flowering/Capfall
    Teldor 75ml/100l (1) at Pre Bunch Closure
    Scala (2) at Veraison and Ripening


The trail began at capfall and 5 sprays were applied over a 3 month period.

Average serverity of Botrytis bunch rot at harvest

Trial Results - Tomatoes

G.D.W. Gargiulo & Son’s started using Sentinel after repeatedly experiencing problems with Botrytis in their glasshouse tomato crop.

Sentinel was applied when infection was present and very quickly had an effect. Wounds
that had sporulating infections dried up within a few days and the rate of new infections dropped rapidly.

Plant death from botrytis in previous seasons was estimated at 25% compared with 1% after Sentinel application.

Tomato Plant Losses

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