Rootzone Starter Additive for Growing Media

What is it and how does it work?

Trichodry is a coarse flake formulation scientifically constructed with proprietary natural strains of Trichoderma in a nutrient promoter matrix. The bio-inoculant is designed to inoculate growing media for vegetable seedlings and ornamental crops.

Trichodry will improve your growing media by introducing beneficial Trichoderma. The fast growing fungus will aggressively establish a strong beneficial population around the rootzone.

This enhanced bio-activity stimulates root initiation and vigorous root growth and increases the assimilation and utilisation of micro-nutrients to give the plants a faster start with more resistance to adverse conditions.

Key Benefits

Trial Results

Increased establishment

Bord na Mona, a major European potting and seed raising mix manufacturer, recently conducted a series of evaluations with Trichodry. In all instances Trichodry provided significant weight gain of fresh root weights and showed a major advantage in aiding germination of vegetableseed when challenged by pythium.

The graph illustrates the ability of Trichodry to provide protection and aid inseed germination when the media has been challenged by pathogens such as Pythium.

Pea Seedlings challenged with Pythium were almost twice as likely to germinate after 14 days and after 28 days the plants were almost 3 times as heavy.

Increased seedling growth

Trichodry was added at a rate of 1kg to 1cubic metre of potting mix. Pea seedlings were planted in the Trichodry inoculated mix and also the control. The seedlings were challenged with Pythium at planting.

Germination was twice as likely at 14 days and after 28 days the washed weight was almost 3 times as much in the Trichodry inoculated media.

Rapid media colonisation

This graph shows how the Trichoderma colonises in the Media.

There is a clear multiplication for the first 5-6weeks, After this period the activity tapers off and this is when the inclusion of Unite into the programme assists in ongoing support.

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