Trichoderma granule for improved rooting and germination

What is it and how does it work?

Trichopel is an insoluble, slow-release biological granule for application under the roots of transplants both in the nursery or in the field.

Suitable for manual application or through automated planting systems, Trichopel is recommended for use at planting time for improved roo growth in field crops, vineyards and orchards.

Trichopel also improves callusing and cutting survival when propagating from plant material.


In the nursery, Trichopel should be used whenever plants are potted up.

 A single layer of Trichopel in the cutting tray media helps to stimulate callusing and increase rooting and survival in cutting propagation.

Orchard and Vineyard

Trichopel should be used for all new plantings where possible.  The rate will depend on the size of the rootball and the intention is to create a thin layer of granule underneath the plant. 

This may be 5g for a small shrub right up to 50g for a large tree. 

Key Benefits

Trial Results

Single Application Results in 30% Increase in Shoot Growth

Replicated trial work has shown that a singular application of Trichopel produced a 30% increase in first year shoot growth on a North Canterbury vineyard. 

5-10g of Trichopel was used per vine.

Improved Rooting in Nurseries

Work in Australian nurseries has consistently shown that incorporating Trichopel into the media increases the rooting performance of cuttings and reduces plant losses.

Unite + Trichopel Increased Shoot Extension and Trunk Diameter

As outlined in our protocol for new plantings – Trichopel produces even better results when partnered with Unite. 

Our work in Tasmania used Trichopel and Unite together to help young apple trees planted back into an area known to suffer from Apple Replant Disease.

The addition Unite as a pre-plant and mid-season drench increased the shoot extension in the first year by over 50% and the trunk diameter was increased by 28% compared to the control. 

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