Endophytic Trichoderma Seed Inoculant

What is it and how does it work?

TrichoStart is the original and most widely used Trichoderma seed treatment in New Zealand. It is the most versatile on farm seed treatment due to its formulation and easy ability to treat a wide variety of seed types.

Inoculating the seed can produce a range of crop responses, however we consistently find that seed
treated with TrichoStart tends to be more even in germination and vigorous in growth leading to a
more resilient crop. We also use TrichoStart to improve the performance of older seed.

TrichoStart contains selections of endophytic Trichoderma, including a strain licensed from BioProtection Aotearoa, a property which confers plant benefits through the whole life of the plant.
The most plant beneficial Trichoderma fungi live in the rhizosphere and interact with the plant to increase root and foliar growth.

The rare endophyte activity of Trichoderma in TrichoStart also confers a unique ability to colonise
the plant’s root tissue which in turn stimulates the whole plant’s defence system. This systemic
response enables better plant performance against biotic and abiotic stresses and has been shown
to improve a plant’s photosynthetic capability.

Key Benefits

Trial Results

Increased vine vigour

In a trial using just a single dowel per vine, the treated vines at Kaesler, Taylors and Henschke Wines showed marked bunch increases, providing additional fruit valued at at least $2500 per hectare.

Grapevine health after vine reconstruction​

In cases of severe Eutypa dieback, it can be necessary to remove the original trunk to eliminate all infected tissue. A single Vinevax Bio-Dowel placed at the base of a watershoot, trained up to form a new canopy protects the new growth.

The health of reconstructed vines in one study was graded on a scale of 0 to 3, ranging from full health to dead vine.

The overwhelming majority of vines displayed no dieback symptoms after treatment. 

Symptom reduction​

In mild cases of Eutypa dieback (i.e. main trunk removal not needed), Vinevax Bio-dowels can still be applied to increase vine vigour, yield per vine and total bunches. 

In one study using symptomatic vines treated with VineVax Bio-dowels, disease severity was graded on a scale of 0 to 5, ranging from health to dead vine. VineVax Bio-Dowels significantly reduced disease severity, leading to greater vine productivity.

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