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Bio-fungicide dowel

Vinevax Bio-dowel is a Trichoderma loaded wooden dowel with ACVM and APVMA registration.

Initially registered in 1987, as the Trichodowel, for Silverleaf in pip and stone fruit, the Vinevax Bio-dowel also offers protection against a range of grapevine trunk diseases such as Eutypa lata and Botryosphaeria. 

The dowel is 6mm wide and 25mm long and drilled directly into the vascular system of the plant.

Treating Silverleaf will require dowels into both the affected branches and around the main trunk.

Grapevines may require one or two dowels in existing trunks. However, a single dowel at the base of a new water shoot can be sufficient to keep a reworked trunk clean of disease for many years.

The direct method of application ensures a long lasting response as the Trichoderma is transmitted through the vascular system of the vine or tree and application into a vine once the trunk is thick enough to take the dowel can offer a lifetimes protection against disease. 

Vinevax Bio-dowel improves productivity and the health of the plant.

Click here to link to an article by Mike Roberts about the use of the dowels at Henschke Vineyard in the Eden Valley, South Australia.

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