Vinevax PWD®

Living Barrier Against Botrytis

What is it and how does it work?

Vinevax is the synthesis of more than 25 years work in New Zealand and Australia, harnessing the wood inoculation and protective properties of the naturally occurring Trichoderma fungi first identified in Europe 40 years ago.

The Vinevax proprietary formulation of essential nutrients and promoters combined with this unique high activity bio-inoculant enables spray delivery to pruning wounds with effective and safe farm performance.

Termed an ‘immunising commensal’ the Vinevax active ingredient enters the freshwound tissue and establishes a living barrier that simultaneously protects against and consumes invading pathogens, and continues to live beneficially within the plant.

Key Benefits

Trial Results

Penetration into woody tissue

Vinevax was applied to wounds of horizontally trained vines. 5 and 10 days after treatment a 20cm length of vine was taken. 2cm discs were cut and surface sterilised. These discs were placed on agar plates and fungi were grown out from control and treated wood segments. The order and thus distance from the original was measured.

Rapid Control

Trial performed at Mondavi Vineyard. Pruning wounds were inoculated with 1000 Eutypa lata spores 1, 6 and 11 days after treatment.

Wound tissue was sampled and cultured for presence or absence of Eutypa.

Long Lasting Control

Combined results from four trial vineyards samples taken 8 months after treatment.

Eight 1x1mm pieces of wood were cut from each of the treated pruning wounds to evaluate. Over 60% of all samples contained a presence of Trichoderma 8 months after application.

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