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About Us

Established in 1984, Agrimm Technologies is a leading New Zealand manufacturer and supplier of crop protection products. With a focus on sustainable agriculture, we have developed a portfolio of proven products which harness beneficial microbes, microbial and natural plant extracts and offer farmers and growers effective sustainable crop protection and crop management. Most our our range is BioGro organically certified and some are registered for disease control.

Agrimm is committed to fundamental research and product development and our long-standing partnership with the BioProtection Centre at Lincoln University ensures we remain at the forefront of technology innovation and research excellence.

Agrimm products are available through most distributors, but we are always available to offer technical advice direct to growers.  Our focus is to ensure growers get optimal results from our product range from germination through to picking.

The Trichoderma product range is manufactured and formulated in our modern production facility at Lincoln, Canterbury and the Harpin and Myconate technologies are exclusively imported from the US and sold via local distributor chains.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements on 0800 42 4746

Our Team

David Gale

Founder & Director

Alistair Pullin

Sales & Distribution

Dylan Coleman

Production Manager


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