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Seedling Survival against Pythium and Rhizoctonmia in Lettuce

Cucumber Root Weight Doubles with Unite

4 months after Unite treatment, the Unite treated root on the left weighed 178.2g, compared to the Control root on the right which weighed 82.2g

Yeild Increase in Celery shows Cost Benefit

Prior to field planting 65,000 seedling plugs were each watered with 2ml of a Unite suspension at 10g/lt. At the same time a control group of 65,000 seedling plugs were watered with clean water.

The celery crop was harvested and the total yield and class was measured.

Yields showed a cost benefit of $3081 / ha by drenching seedlings with Unite prior to field transplantation.

TreatmentPremium (20s) cartons / haAverage (16s) cartons / haSmall (20s) cartons / haTotal cartons / ha

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