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Agrimm Technologies manufactures endophytic Trichoderma products for the agriculture and horticulture markets. Backed by 30 years of research and proven in commercial trails in 10 countries, our eco-friendly products help growers increase yields, protect from disease and improve resistance to environmental stress.

Our Products

From nursery to field we have a range of products to suit.

Introducing PLATFORM

Seed and Field


The next generation of biological seed treatments.

Platform is a suite of products that offer the best of both worlds.

Focusing on the best strains in the Agrimm portfolio and incorporating the best strain from Lincoln Univeristy Bio-Protection Centre, the Platform range helps all crops perform to their best potential.

Platform Seed is a highly active seed treatment that uses our endophytic Trichoderma to produce consistent benefits in the establishment of your crops.

Platform Field is an easy to mix WP. It is readily soluble and suitable for use as a liquid injection at time of planting or over the top of the crop post-emergence.

The Agrimm Promise

Why our Trichoderma is world-leading

Proprietary Endophytic Strains

Our endophytic Trichoderma strains grow a few cells deep in the plant root and impart beneficial properties to the plant.​

Organic & Sustainable

All our products are organic and Trichoderma is a safe and natural crop managment tool.

High Potency & Proven Results

Our products are super dosed with our unique endophytic Trichoderma to ensure you get the results.

NZ Made for NZ Growers

Manufactured in Lincoln, Canterbury we have spent 30 years working with local growers to develop products to suit NZ growing conditions.

What is Trichoderma?

Harnessing natures own defence mechanism

The friendly fungi

Stimulating plants own defence mecahnisms

Trichoderma has a long history of use as a low cost bio control agent.

Common in soil and root ecosystems, it has evolved numerous mechanisms for both the attack of other fungi (pathogens) and for enhancing plant and root growth.  

It is these mechanisms which are harnessed in the Agrimm product range and offer growers effective biocontrol and improved plant vigor. 


Trichoderma fungi attacking pathogenic fungi

Key Field Trial Results

What growers see when they use our products


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