Wettable Powder Root Drench for the reduction of Psa symptoms in Kiwifruit vines

Kiwivax is a BioGro certified Root Drench for Kiwifruit.

Developed in partnership with the Bio-Protection centre at Lincoln University, Kiwivax is a wettable powder for use in the nursery and the open orchard.

The trichoderma in Kiwivax have been shown to be endophtic, entering the roots of the plant, penetrating a couple of cells deep and switches on the plants defence mechanism.

The trichoderma release enzymes which stimulate root growth. In the nursery this helps to produce a stronger, healthier root system resulting in Increased nutrient uptake, photosynthesis and vigour.

In the open orchard, these roots enable to vine to withstand environmental and disease stresses.

Mature Vines and Orchards

Kiwivax is a root application designed to be direct sprayed on to rootzone.

Best application is periods of new root growth – post harvest, Spring time and early Summer. Kiwivax is best applied when soil is moist and in apply with composting for improved results.

Seedlings and Young Plants

Kiwivax targets new feeder roots so should be applied to seedlings and young plants at the time of planting.

KiwiVax has been shown to increase survival of seedlings after PSA challenge.

KiwiVax gives seedlings the best start and enhanced root growth and increases root weight and dry root weight.

Orchard and Nursery Application Rates:

In young nursery plants, there is a smaller root system and Kiwivax will treat more plants effectively.

Application into PB Bags: 200g will treat 7500 plants with 250ml

Pre-planting Dip: 200g will treat 2000 plants with 500ml

Established Orchard: Ensure all mixing tanks are thoroughly washed to remove chemical residues. Apply at the minimum rate of 200g/ha using a water rate of at least 1000L. Pre-mix Kiwivax into a small quantity of water and then mix well into a larger tank. Ensure dispensing tank is agitated continuously during application. Apply by flood jet, weed spray boom, fertigation or air blast spray directed to rootzone.

Trial Results

Kiwifruit seedling were inoculated with Kiwivax 4 weeks prior to Psa challenge. 

Seedling Survivial Increased by 30%

25% increased growth after KiwiVax

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