EndophyticTrichderma for improved establishment and yield

The next generation of biological seed treatments.

Platform is a suite of products that offer the best of both worlds.
Focusing on the best strains in the Agrimm portfolio and incorporating the best strain from Lincoln UNiversity Plant Protection Centre, the
Platform range helps all crops perform to their best potential.

Platform Seed is a highly active seed treatment that uses our endophytic Trichoderma to produce
consistent benefits in the establishment of your crops.

Platform Field is an easy to mix WP. It is readily soluble and suitable for use as a liquid injection at
time of planting or over the top of the crop post-emergence.

Trial Results

Platform Seed - Fodder Beet

Platform Seed was applied to fodder beet seed to measure yield increase over control. The treatment also produced an improved establishment of 1 extra plant per square metre.

Platform - Kale

Platform Seed was applied to kale to test yield increase over control. The treated area yield increased by 22%. In addtion, it was shown that the treated areas produced a $809 return for every $9 invested.

More Products

From nursery to field we have a range of products to suit.

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