Platform Field®

Endophytic Trichoderma broadacre drench

What is it and how does it work?

What is it?

Platform Field is a WP formulation for application to all field grown crops. It can be used as a liquid injection at planting and on young, established crops. 

Platform Field is readily soluble and easy to use. It is formulated with a range of nutrients and starters designed to help the Trichoderma thrive in and around the rootzone. 

Platform Field can be used on its own, but is also compatible with widely used fungicides, insecticides, and nutritional products.


How does it work?

Application of Platform promotes a more biologically active rootzone. 

When used as a liquid injection, the germinating seed can make early root connections with the beneficial fungi and enables colonisation of the plant with endophytic Trichoderma. 

The rare endophyte activity of Trichodema in platform field switches on the plant’s defence system. This systemic response produces plants with a greater resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses and improves whole plant performance. 

Applied over an established crop, Platform Field stimulates root growth and boosts the bio-activity in and around the developing plant to help promote vigour and resilience. 



Platform Field is readily soluble and easy to use at the water rates appropriate to in-furrow injection. Using the best endophytic Trichoderma available to NZ producers, Platform Field is compatible with most fertilisers and micro-nutrients that might be used at this time. 

In-furrow application helps improve establishment and persistence and in conjunction with Platform Seed will support the beneficial fungi to colonise in and around the rootzone to create a more robust plant.


In our trial work, we have measured:

Trial Results

Fodder Beat Trials

Applied as a liquid injection at planting, Platform Field increased plant counts and yields in multiple field trials.

Cereal Trial

Platform Seed at planting. 

Platform Field 4 weeks after planting. 

300L per ha as a field application.. 


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