Seed Treatments

All agricultural crops start with a seed

Biological Seed treatments are here to protect the future of farming

As chemical active ingredients are removed from the market globally, growers need effective ways to protect their seed and grow crops more sustainably.

Agrimm Technologies manufacture Trichoderma seed treatments that are both compatible with existing chemistry and effective enough to be used alone.

We focus on using the best strains of endophytic Trichoderma to:

Promote early root and foliar growth

Get the crop out of the ground faster and with a greater root biomass. This produces stronger healthier plants that can cope with environmental stresses.

Improve nutrient uptake

The action of Trichoderma in and around the roots increases both the amount of plant-available nutrients and the roots’ efficiency to uptake them.

Stimulate a systemic response in the plant

Endophytic Trichoderma penetrate a few cells deep into the root tissue. This triggers the defence mechanism of the plant, priming its faculties and raising the whole plant performance – most noticeably by increasing its photosynthetic capabilities.

Compatible with conventional fungicides and insecticides

Agrimm test their seed treatments both with and without chemical alternatives.

All our products are organic and environmentally friendly, but we are not blind to the needs of the conventional farmer, and we demand that our products stand up against the best chemistry.

We test compatibility of our Trichoderma with chemical active ingredients, both in suspension and on seed. Our findings, like others in the industry, are that “Agrimm seed treatments are not killed by fungicides.”

Why is this?

  1. Our method of production produces robust Trichoderma spores which are resistant to fungicides.
  2. Seed applied Trichoderma grows out into the soil from the seed. Fungicides operate in a more local environment, and the mycelial growth of the Trichoderma follows the root exudates, operating in and influencing a far greater space than where originally applied.

Seed Treatment Products

Agrimm have 3 biological formulation options available to growers. All of these have been tested both on their own and in conjunction with conventional seed treatments.

We believe that the choice should no longer be an either / or approach to biological and conventional – but more a Biological and Conventional.