Protects agains Root Rot in glasshouse and field crops.

What is it and how does it work?

Unite is a versatile bio-fungicide WP for application to almost any crop.  

If you think about all the potential crop benefits that can be observed using biological management, Unite can lay claim to all of them. 

  • Plant Growth Promotion 
  • Out competing pathogens for nutrients 
  • Myco-parasitism of pathogens 
  • Endophytic Trichoderma improving plant performance.  


At the core, Unite WP is a bio-fungicide.  

Replicated trial work shows that Unite improves seedling germination in pathogen inoculated media. Unite can claim to efficacy against Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Cylindrocarpon and Phytophthora.  

This powerful bio-activity is beneficial to the plant– whether applied monthly to a rotational horticultural crop or applied through the growing season to a mature orchard or vineyard. 

Key Features

Trial Results

Increased Seedling Survival Under Pythium Pressure

Application prior to seed germination maximises the potential root connections and ensures the benefits of endophytic Trichoderma from the start. 

As outlined in our nursery best practice, Unite WP can be partnered with Trichodry to improve germination and mitigate any pathogen pressure.  

Used alone – Unite performed as well as conventional fungicides in enabling seeds to germinate and persist in disease inoculated media.  

Increased Growth in New Plantings

Use Unite for all new plantings of orchards and vineyards to support establishment and increase early root and shoot growth.

This offers huge long-term benefits to the management of the orchard or vineyard ensuring even growth of young trees and vines.

In automated vineyard plantings, we use Unite with Abzorber Root Dip. This creates a hydrogel slurry that enables you to dip bare rooted vines quickly and easily, at or prior to planting.

Unite can also be used in partnership with Trichopel. The granule is applied under the roots and the Unite is watered in soon after planting. This is an effective alternative to sterilisation in areas where there have been previous plant losses.

New Root Growth in Established Orchards

Apply Unite to established orchards and vineyards to support a healthy root system and colonise new root growth.

Application should coincide with periods of root growth, and this might be early Spring, Summer or post-harvest.

Unite colonises the area around the roots and stimulates new root growth. The larger rootzone will increase the plant’s nutrient uptake and improve plant performance.

In areas of root dieback, application of Unite allied with foliar feeding can improve plant vigour and rebalance tree crops.

When trees do start to come under stress, whether that is from soil borne pathogens or environmental stresses – Unite can be used through the season and timed with root flushes to stimulate healthy new root growth and rebalance the canopy. 

Unite can be applied through drippers or fertigation or simply floodjet from the back of spray rig. 

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