Living Barrier Against Botrytis

Vinevax Natural Bioimplants are a cost effective long term treatment for your valuable vines.

Vinevax Bio-dowel is a biological agent that contains selected proprietary Trichoderma strains  formulated as a slow-release implant for the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by wood-invading trunk pathogen in grapevines and fruit trees.

Independent research shows that Vinevax is still protecting the vine even after 4–5 years. 

Vinevax Bioimplants contain proprietary high activity strains that have been shown to colonise around the parenchyma cells of the vine pith where they inoculate the grapevine tissue and stimulate the natural defense mechanisms of the vine. This produces a “vaccination” effect that enables the vine to become more resistant to disease and divert its energy into grape production. Proven Disease Protection Vinevax bio-dowels protect vines from infection by pathogens causing vascular trunk diseases such as Eutypa die-back that lead to production losses and eventual vine death. Cost Effective Numerous case studies have proven the cost benefit of bio-dowls. Because application reduces the incidence of vascular trunk diseases and improves vine health, longevity and productivity your investment will be paid back many times  over. Safe and Sustainable Vinevax bio-implants are a safe and organic. There are no residues, MRL’s or withholding periods. Long Lasting Protection Vinevax bio-implants protect your vines for 4-5 years. Re-application is not required.
Protection of healthy vines Drill a hole at a slight upward angle 28mm deep x 6mm diameter into the trunk below the cordon and insert one Bio-implant. Treatment of diseased vines For mild disease which only affects the cordon: Drill the hole into clean trunk wood below the cordon and insert 1 Bio-implant. Cut-off affected cordon wood. For severe disease which has spread into the main trunk Drill the hole into clean wood as close as possible to ground level or 25 to 50mm below the position of a water shoot suitable for reconstruction of the vine. Apply 1 Bio-implant per vine. Tips for Use Avoid treatment during sap flow in late winter/early spring.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Grapevine Trunk Diseases affect yields. In his SARDI report, Trevor Wicks estimated the effects of Eutypa on vine yields:

Eutypa Lata detected in 30% of vines, can reduce yields by 860kg/ha. At $1800/tonne for contract grapes, this translates to $1548/ha per year. If symptoms rise to 50% of vines, losses are more than 1500kg/ha. At $1800/tonne this is $2700/ha per year.

% Increase over Untreated Control

In a trial using just a single dowel per vine, the treated vines showed yield increases: Taylors Wines increased 600g/vine over 2 years. Kaesler Wines increased 700g/vine over 3 years Mt Edelstone increased 925g/vine over 2 years. At 500g/vine and 2500 vines per ha. That is 1250kg extra fruit which would be at least $2250 extra per hectare.

Yarra Valley Eutypa Trials

In these trials in the Yarra Valley, Bio-implants were applied to reduce symptoms of trunk disease and improve vine health. Symptoms were graded in year 2 and Year 3 from 0-5. 0 = full health (clear of symptoms) 1 = leaf yellowing 2 = leaf yellowing + stunting of growth 3 = leaf yellowing + stunting of growth + die back 4 = extensive die back (entire arm) 5 = dead vine  

% of Diseased Vines Year 3

% of Diseased Vines Year 4

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